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Didn’t you heard of alpacasso? It is a character with a charming appearance with popular “alpaca” motif. There are also a series of characters such as Alpacafe, Kids Alpacasso, World Alpacasso, etc. developed as nationwide as UFO Catcher’s Prize (Plush Toy) Variety of variations. Alpacasso’s best friend such is “Mr. Llama”, a motif of Lama. [...]

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iPad Flash Player free, again ~

Steve Jobs says NO to Flash Player again! Flash support is one of the feature that iPhone / iPod Touch users missed most. iPad will continue to be “Flash Free”.

From the iPad promote video, you can see a “3D Blue Lego Block” in the middle of the web page. iPhone / iPod Touch users know clearly what dose that mean.

Steve Jobs said “netbook’s user experience is not what people want”. Since iPad annoucement, a lot of people point out that iPad’s user experience is not exactly what people want either.

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Most important news! Apple iPad 3G are unlocked!!

Apple iPad finally here!! The long rumored “Apple Tablet” finally announced as “Apple iPad”

apple iPad on steve jobs hand 2

iPad looks very like an oversize iPhone, it equipped with:

  • 0.5 inch thick, 1.5 pounds weight
  • 10 hours battery life
  • 9.7 inch IPS LCD display
  • 1Ghz CPU, Apple A4 Chip
  • 16G – 64G flash storage
  • Mulit-touch
  • GPS and compass
  • accelerometer
  • and most importantly, Apple iPad can run all iPhone software!
  • High definition movie playback
  • 3G connectivity
  • 3D gaming
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Apple Announcement Live is coming in an hour. The most important product in Apple history, Apple Tablet, will be announced!

Apple announcement live - Apple Tablet

A few hours before the announcement live, McGraw-Hill’s CEO confirmed 95% of their textbooks are going to be on Apple Tablet. And he further confirmed that the Apple Tablet will be an iPhone OS based machine.

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iphone gps tomtom

The well known GPS navigation software maker, TomTom, shown their iPhone GPS navigation software on Apple WWDC 2009. The turn-by-turn car navigation for iPhone is available on AppStore now!

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SlingPlayer mobile home
Watching TV on iPhone is one of the top item in iPhone users’ wish list, finally your dream of watching TV on iPhone comes true!
Some of you may think of a TV receiving module or something kind of device for receiving the TV signal… well, this is internet age, of course iPhone user should enjoy the crystal clear network TV experience!

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iphone at&t

While customers looking forward to buy iPhone freely without locking, AT&T and Apple may disappoint you, again.

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Apple’s Tablet device rumors again, this time the rumor state that Apple would release iPod tablet in 2009 fall. According to Washington Post’s, Apple is ready to manufacture the new iPod Tablet with 7 inches to 9 inches monitor, and Apple is talking to Asia factory for the OEM contract.

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iPhone Nano
iPhone Nano is coming soon according the latest rumors; MacWorld is coming soon in a few weeks, there is rumors that Apple will introduce a new iPhone Nano on the event.

Someone also uploaded a picture of the iPhone Nano next iPhone 3G.

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iPhone’s firmware is already upgrade to 2.2, but a lot of iPhone 2G users are still not upgrade yet, most of them are still using iPhone 1.1.4 firmware.

Why so many iPhone 2G users are not upgrading? The main reason that prevents iPhone 2G owners from upgrading to the latest iPhone firmware is, their iPhones are “unlock” version, when they buy their iPhone, it was at the time of iPhone 1.1.4 version. 1st of all, these iPhone 2G users are lazy, moreover, they also worry that after upgrading to iPhone 2.2, they have to unlock their iPhone again…. what if their is any problem, they may lose their beloved iPhone….. there is also chances that they may lose all data because of upgrading firmware…. all other reasons…..

So, here is good tutorial for you to upgrade + unlock to iPhone 2.2….

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