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Most important news! Apple iPad 3G are unlocked!!

Apple iPad finally here!! The long rumored “Apple Tablet” finally announced as “Apple iPad”

apple iPad on steve jobs hand 2

iPad looks very like an oversize iPhone, it equipped with:

  • 0.5 inch thick, 1.5 pounds weight
  • 10 hours battery life
  • 9.7 inch IPS LCD display
  • 1Ghz CPU, Apple A4 Chip
  • 16G – 64G flash storage
  • Mulit-touch
  • GPS and compass
  • accelerometer
  • and most importantly, Apple iPad can run all iPhone software!
  • High definition movie playback
  • 3G connectivity
  • 3D gaming
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Apple Announcement Live is coming in an hour. The most important product in Apple history, Apple Tablet, will be announced!

Apple announcement live - Apple Tablet

A few hours before the announcement live, McGraw-Hill’s CEO confirmed 95% of their textbooks are going to be on Apple Tablet. And he further confirmed that the Apple Tablet will be an iPhone OS based machine.

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iphone at&t

While customers looking forward to buy iPhone freely without locking, AT&T and Apple may disappoint you, again.

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Apple’s Tablet device rumors again, this time the rumor state that Apple would release iPod tablet in 2009 fall. According to Washington Post’s, Apple is ready to manufacture the new iPod Tablet with 7 inches to 9 inches monitor, and Apple is talking to Asia factory for the OEM contract.

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Apple Black Friday Sale started!

apple black friday sale start

The most attractive special price would be the US$100 off for MacBook.

apple black friday sale items

iPod Touch also get US$ 21 off!

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The long rumored MacBook finally announced offically!

Apple held a new MacBook announcement event on 14th Oct morning, a new series of MacBooks are announced!

MacBook 13 inch

The most attractive news must be the new 13.3 inch MacBook…. there were rumors that the new MacBook’s case will be made of a brick of aluminium and equipped with GeForce display card. It turns out that those rumors are real!

New MacBook series new features:

  • Unibody enclosure crafted from a single block of aluminum
  • Mini DisplayPort for Video out
  • Two NVIDIA graphics chipsets: 9400M and 9600M GT
  • Instant-on LED-backlit displays
  • Glass Multi-Touch trackpad with new Multi-Touch gestures
  • User accessible hard drive

The only disappointment is about the “entry level price point” rumor. There was rumor that the new MacBook could be at a very low price that target entry level users. The price point was assumed to be as low as US$800… However, this rumor didn’t become reality… the entry level white 13 inch MacBook cost US$999 and the new 13.3 inch aluminum case MacBook cost US$1299!!

Another hot item MacBook Air also get some upgrades, meanwhile price of MacBook Air drop a little bit to US$1799! The new features added to MacBook Air includes GF9400M display card, new Core 2 Duo CPU, new chipset and a bigger hard disk with 120GB.

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Apple just sent invitation to media for the new MacBook announcement event!

new MacBook event invitation

The rumors of the 14th October MacBook event became reality. Medias just received invitation card from Apple with an image of an aluminum Mac notebook with the tagline: “The spotlight turns to notebooks.”

Here are the details……

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