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new Apple MacBook

According to rumors websites, new MacBook will be release very soon. At this moment we call the new one “MacBook Brick” and the target release date could be 14th of this month.

The rumor is about a not yet announced Apple new product release conference. It is predicted that Apple will release their latest McBook serise base on Intel Centrino 2 CPU but not with Intel clipset. It is also rumor that Apple built a new factory on their own and making the new MacBook case with state of the art technologies like 3D Laser, water metal cutting machines and using whole block of aircraft grade aluminum brick to make the MacBook case….

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High definition movies and HDTV shows is already part of our life. A lot of friends ask me the same question, they want know if they can use their current computer to watch high definition movies smoothly.

My answer is, you just need a VGA card which support hardware acceleration and correct codec setting! You can enjoy smooth HDTV / X264 mkv movies with old CPU.

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Harry Potter Icon The latest Harry Potter movie is coming! Warner Bros just released a new website for the new movie “Harry Potter and the half-blood prince”!

The movie will be in cinemas on November 21, 2008.
Let’s watch the trailer just now ….

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