iPad just announced for a few days, people still do not know much about the features of iPad. However, iPad is base on iPhone OS, you can imagine that iPad’s function and feature would be quite similar to iPhone / iPod Touch.

iPad Flash Player Free?!

Steve Jobs says NO to Flash Player again! Flash support is one of the feature that iPhone / iPod Touch users missed most. iPad will continue to be “Flash Free”.

iPad Flash Player free, again ~

iPad Flash Player free, again ~

From the iPad promote video, you can see a “3D Blue Lego Block” in the middle of the web page. iPhone / iPod Touch users know clearly what dose that mean.

Can iPad replace netbook?

Steve Jobs said “netbook’s user experience is not what people want”. Since iPad annoucement, a lot of people point out that iPad’s user experience is not exactly what people want either.

First, most netbooks are running Windows XP or Windows 7, in terms of function and feature, iPhone OS is still not good enough to compare with Windows. Second, iTunes would be the only official way to synchronize data between the device and your PC (unless you jailbreak the OS or add 3rd party software), which is not most people wanted.
The biggest issue is, iPad is “USB free” that limit the freedom of adding accessories.

For fun, iPad is the best; for work, netbook is still better.
May be, very soon we will see people carrying iPad and netbook at the same time. How hard could it be to make a device that is good for both fun and work ?!

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Jan 31
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