Most expensive app store appThere is a very expensive application in Apple App Store, which cost US$999 and called “I am rich”. With such price tag, you may expect the software come with some very special features…

Apple removed that application from App Store recently! Why?

App Store most expensive software – “I am rich”

App Store I am rich page This the description about that software find on App Store. The author said: “It’s a work of art with no hidden function at all.”

Ha ~ When you open the software “I am rich”, you would see the follow screen.

App store app - I am rich screen

App store app - I am rich screen

Yep ~ that is all, no hidden function at all. And, it is same as other software sold on App Store, “No refund”!

People start to question Apple’s standard for approving softwares that can be sold on App Store. This “single page app” get approved and sold on AppStore, meanwhile other good softwares are still waiting for approval.

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Aug 06

11 Responses to “App Store most expensive app”

  1. Robert Says:

    I just went get “I Am Rich” App, and it didn’t come up?

  2. admin Says:

    Well…. Apple removed this application …. long time ago

  3. GRR Says:


  4. Harrison Says:

    It should enter u in the lottery or something

  5. Alex Says:

    It’s an interesting app lol a complete joke! I’m not sure how apple could have let it go through

  6. orion Says:

    i accidentily bought this app my dad went nuts well at least i can say i own it huh.

  7. MEAGHAN Says:

    haha the most expnsivd now is iRa pro… $899.99 IN US dollars

  8. caleb Says:

    you know it is an optical illusion it is AWESOME so worth it

  9. joshua beck Says:

    im so hard right now

  10. Eli Says:

    Well that’s phunny cuz I gotit for a buck… It wus on sale… IT’S a DAMN CALCULATOR DO NOT BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. god Says:

    That would be a hell of a lot of itune cards! lol

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