Blackberry Bold

Blackberry Bold

Early tests of the BlackBerry Bold reveal that the new handset is suffering from the same 3G connection problems as the iPhone 3G, according to an Apple Insider story.

Citigroup investment research analyst Jim Suva said he tested the BlackBerry Bold, which has yet to be released in the United States, and found that the device experiences unstable 3G network connection, sometimes switching over to the EDGE network — similar to symptoms many have reported about Apple’s iPhone 3G. Suva speculates that the Bold won’t be released in the United States until AT&T rectifies its 3G network issues.

If they persist, network issues will come as a concern to BlackBerry Bold customers. BlackBerry owners are primarily enterprise users, and dropped calls would stifle productivity.

This report closely follows’s findings in a recent study inviting iPhone 3G users around the world to report their 3G speeds. In our study, we observed 3G network performance varied greatly among different 3G carriers throughout the world; users in Europe, which has some of the most mature 3G networks, reported the fastest overall results. In our analysis we speculate the issue is more closely tied to the carrier networks than the iPhone itself.

Another study by Teknik & Trender found iPhone 3G performed the same in terms of reception when compared to other similar handsets run through a test chamber.

With all things considered, the lack of 3G improvement seen after the recent iPhone software update, combined with these studies, further the theory that mobile networks are playing a greater role in affecting network performance than the handsets themselves.

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Aug 28
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