iPhone 3G user wish to share the 3G unlimited Internet plan with their computer for a long time.

AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph De La Vega confirmed that AT&T would be offering an official tethering option for the iPhone “soon”.

Tethering is the process by which you allow the iPhone to act as a 3G modem for your laptop. This would allow you to share the iPhone’s cellular connection with your laptop. 

A 3rd party tethering option called NetShare briefly appeared in the App Store before it was removed by Apple. AT&T traditionally charges an additional $30/month for this tethering option on their other smartphones.

We also separately heard that this tethering capability is expected to be built into the 2.2 firmware.

If user can pay a single price and share the 3G network with their computer, the attractiveness of iPhone 3G would be much higher.

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Nov 11
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