Apple will release iPhone 3G to next 20 counties on 2008/08/22 …..

Apple state that iPhone 3G will come to 20 more counties soon, but they didn’t release any detail, finally they confirmed some counties names…..

iPhone 3G is coming to 20 more counties

It was mid July since Apple announce that iPhone 3G is ready to launch in 20 more counties.

Apple just released a list of counties names that would get iPhone 3G on 2008/08/22.

The list include: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, India, Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Romania, Hungary and Philippines.

Chain and Taiwan are not on the list !?

Interesting to know that Apple’s list missed China and Taiwan…..

In fact, Apple only released 17 names, we hope that Apple will release the rest of the 3 counties names soon.

We will keep eyes on Apple’s list and report it as soon as possible!

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