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Apple just released a new update for iPhone on Monday, iPhone 2.0.2!

Apple released iPhone 2.0.1 for just 2 weeks, and rushed to release a new bug fix. They didn’t mention any detail for this update, most people predict that iPhone firmware 2.0.2 is targeting the 3G connectivity problems….

Fixing 3G connectivity problems

One of the hottest issue of iPhone 3G is the unstable 3G connectivity. Some users reported that they experience line dropping problem frequently, while others complained the 3G internet connection offend “automatically” downgrade to 2G EDGE ….

Apple rushed to release a new update just 2 weeks after the last release, most people believe it is targeting the 3G connectivity problem.

Last week, AT&T told media that the iPhone 3G connectivity problem is solely hardware / software problem, and their network is very stable.

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Aug 19
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