Have you ever imagine that one day computer would do all the things for us? A Japanese team is trying to help iPhone to “understand” everything it “saw”.

Real working app? Proof of concept? Science fiction? All of the above? Don’t care. Want it now. This amazing demo shows an App that uses the iPhone’s camera to record and display visual tagging information in real time, right in front of you. Drool.

It sounds like the movie “I Robot” that the super computer at office controls all the robots on the street.

This is how the developer describe it:

iPhone sekai camera

iPhone sekai camera

What is “Sekai camera”? This means a world camera. You can download information straight from the internet on your iPhone. We use iPhone applications for this service. When you reach the area you only see through the area of the view on your iPhone. Then you will meet much information by your iPhone. You do not need search yourself the information will come to you very natural way.

Want to see more? Check out their long (18 minute) presentation from Techcrunch 50. Amazing stuff.

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Sep 23
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