Alpacasso App

Didn’t you heard of alpacasso?

It is a character with a charming appearance with popular “alpaca” motif.

There are also a series of
characters such as Alpacafe, Kids Alpacasso, World Alpacasso, etc. developed as nationwide as UFO Catcher’s Prize (Plush Toy) Variety of variations.

Alpacasso’s best friend such is “Mr. Llama”, a motif of Lama.

■ Alpacasso Official Introduction Page

Alpacasso item introduction

This is the first time to become a smartphone application!

In commemoration of application development, introduction of new series scheduled to be deployed at the game center nationwide in advance

■ December Happy Snow Alpacasso series

Alpacasso App

■ January sweets Kids Alpacasso series

Alpacasso App

■ February Alpacasso Paradise series (planned)

Alpacasso App

■ March Ponpono Alpacasso (accessory strap)

Alpacasso App

You can buy alpacasso stuffed toys at the alpacasso plush shop modes4u

Alpacasso finally appeared in the app

The following is a referral of the application

app that appeared this
camera app “alpaca Tsu Soviet camera” with live wallpaper “alpaca Tsu Soviet live wallpaper” two types of

Alpacasso camera

Alpacasso Live Wallpaper
Alpacasso Live Wallpaper

Multiple series of alpacasso appeared in the frame of the new image created for
the frame application full of

· Frame selection function

Can select the frame before shooting, Let’s use the appropriate frame for the scene

Frame number default 30 Type

· Twitter posting function

Immediately after you shoot you can post to Twitter and you can share photos with your friends immediately

※ You need to set up account only for the first time

Alpacasso Camera Application Review

Alpacasso Camera | AppStore

Alpacasso Live Wallpaper

Alpacasso Live Wallpaper
Alpacasso Live Wallpaper

· Wallpaper function

Customize home screen by combining several kinds of alpacasso and backgrounds

· Tweet function

Periodically the alpacasso on the home screen talks out

※ There is no sound

Includes various icons

Dress up icons that can be used on the home screen are shipped

‘ll be dyed the home screen to Arupakasso one color with the cute alpaca Tsu Soviet icon

alpaca Tsu Soviet Live Wallpaper app review

trial version of the world of the Arupakasso wallpaper can be a little bit experience also a simultaneous release

alpaca Tsu Soviet Live Wallpaper | GooglePlay

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