iPhone’s firmware is already upgrade to 2.2, but a lot of iPhone 2G users are still not upgrade yet, most of them are still using iPhone 1.1.4 firmware.

Why so many iPhone 2G users are not upgrading? The main reason that prevents iPhone 2G owners from upgrading to the latest iPhone firmware is, their iPhones are “unlock” version, when they buy their iPhone, it was at the time of iPhone 1.1.4 version. 1st of all, these iPhone 2G users are lazy, moreover, they also worry that after upgrading to iPhone 2.2, they have to unlock their iPhone again…. what if their is any problem, they may lose their beloved iPhone….. there is also chances that they may lose all data because of upgrading firmware…. all other reasons…..

Frankly, I am one of those lazy iPhone 2G owners…. When all my friends’ iPhone 3G upgraded to iPhone 2.0 / 2.1, I told myself that iPhone 2.0 / 2.1 is not stable yet, no need to upgrade… Although App Store is very attractive, but I am not ready to take the risk yet, did want to risk that may lose all data or even destory the iPhone …. However, when it comes to iPhone 2.2, most of the problems find on 2.0 / 2.1 are fixed, more stable, and most importantly, App Store is really really attractive…. so, iPhone 2G users cannot stand the temptation; let’s risk it all to upgrade to iPhone 2.2!

REMARK: The following iPhone 2G 2.2 upgrade / unlock tutorial was performed with an iPhone 2G 1.1.4 directly upgrade to iPhone 2.2 then unlock. If you are using iPhone 3G, please do NOT try this tutorial, because I didn’t test the proceduer with iPhone 3G.

iPhone 2.2 Upgrade

For those who buy their iPhone 2G / 3G from official channels, because their iPhone is activated “officially”, they can upgrade to iPhone 2.2 directly without any concern. However, for iPhone 2G / 3G users who buy their iPhone from “paralle importer” / unofficial channels, so their iPhone was unlocked, these iPhones need to unlock again after upgrade to iPhone 2.2.

Although the procedures for upgrade and unlock is not complicated, but it is still a bit scary for ordinary users….

Upgrade iPhone firmware procedures:

1. Backup iPhone data
This is a very important step! During upgrade, iPhone will be “format”, everything will be back to factory default settings. Some careless / anxious users forgot to backup before upgrade, the result is losing all data!

One problem with backup, iTunes’ backup feature is not 100% 1-to-1 backup, that is, software that you downloaded with “Installer” would still be lost….

iphone backup : right click then

iphone backup : right click then

iphone backing up, need a feel minutes

iphone backing up, need a feel minutes

After backup finished, you can start upgrade, in iTunes’ iPhone page, click the upgrade buttom, it will start download and install iPhone firmware 2.2

iphone firmware download

iphone firmware download

The 2.2 version firmware is 245MB big, it take quite a while to download…. you can start upgrade right after download finish. This is a very important step, please make sure that your computer would not be disturbed during the whole upgrade process, your iPhone should also be totally undisturbed…. If their is any problem that prevents the upgrading process from complete successfully, your iPhone will be destoryed!!!

iphone upgrading firmware 2.2

iphone upgrading firmware 2.2

Once the upgrade process started, there no return…. iPhone will reboot, you would see the above screen…. pray for your computer do not hang / power outage !!!

Great! if you are lucky, upgrade process would be finished in around 10 minutes, iPhone will reboot again …. after reboot, scary thing will happen!!!

iphone unlock sim card not support

iphone unlock sim card not support

If you are like me that 1st time upgrade your iPhone 2G…. when you see this screen, you would be shocked!! And you would find your iPhone is locked, cannot function normally…. O no ~~~

iPhone 2.2 Unlock

After upgrade to iPhone 2.2, you would find your beloved iPhone 2.2 is locked….. here comes the most important steps: “unlock”!!

You need a software called QuickPwn, I already prepared QuickPwn 2.2 for you.

QuickPwn is a simple software, all you need to do is just clicking “Next”, but there is a step that is quite scary… you need to make your iPhone boot into a so called Debug Mode (DFU mode)…. You would see how scary it is soon.

iphone 2.2 unlock 1

iphone 2.2 unlock 1

Start QuickPwn, connect iPhone to your computer, then click “next”.

iphone 2.2 unlock 1 select firmware

iphone 2.2 unlock 1 select firmware

You need to select iPhone 2.2 firmware file, by default QuickPwn would choose the right file for you, you can also click “browse” to find the right file, but normally QuickPwn would choose the right firmware file for you.

REMARK: There quite many people asked in the comments that they cannot find the IPSW / firmware file, so I added a section at the end of this tutorial / how to.

iphone 2.2 unlock 2

iphone 2.2 unlock 2

Remember to click “Unlock iPhone” , then click “next”.

iphone 2.2 unlock 3

iphone 2.2 unlock 3

You need to choose the boot loader files, just choose the same files for boot loader as shown here.

iphone 2.2 unlock 4

iphone 2.2 unlock 4

QuickPwn would remind you to connect iPhone to computer, click “next” again.

Here comes the scary “DFU mode”… You need to follow the screen instructions to press the buttons on iPhone; somehow like playing games…. When I see this screen the 1st time, I was concentrated on reading the text…. And I was shocked to see the time is counting down… so I made a mess with the buttons…. the result was a total failure!!! After that I got a error message says “Fail to boot into the correct mode”….. It was so scary…. well, I retry a few times, but still not success….. then I thought, o no… I destoryed my iPhone!!

iphone 2.2 unlock 5

iphone 2.2 unlock 5

Finally, I retried a few times and notice the words “Do not let go of home” …. the main point is, you need to press and hold the HOME button! Finally I was successed!!

iphone 2.2 unlock 5

iphone 2.2 unlock 5

So my iPhone start loading for a while, and then reboot for a few times…. after that it start installing Boot loader …. then reboot and reboot …. finally, iPhone 2.2 is successfully unlocked!

iPhone Restore

If you are lucky enough to complete the upgrade + unlock process, it is time to restore you data…. interestingly, when the unlocked iPhone connect to iTunes, it will automatically start the restore process.

iphone restoring

iphone restoring

It would take a few minutes to restore….. after restore, everything will be finished!

iPhone 2.2 firmware file location

Some friends reported that they cannot find the iPhone 2.2 firmware / IPSW file.

The iPhone 2.2 firmware / IPSW file location is  “C:\Documents and Settings\administrator\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates\iPhone1,1_2.2_5G77_Restore.ipsw”; where “administrator” is username, if your username is “abc” then the location would become “C:\Documents and Settings\abc\Application Data\…”

iPhone 2.2 firmware / IPSW file location

iPhone 2.2 firmware / IPSW file location

However, by default “Application Data” is a hidden folder. In order to see hidden folders, you need to set “folder option” to see hidden folders.
My Computer > Tools > Folder Options > View, select “Show hidden files and folders” and un-check “Hide extensions for known file types”.

iPhone 2.2 firmware / IPSW file location, folder option

iPhone 2.2 firmware / IPSW file location, folder option

iPhone Upgrade Conclusion

Important Notice: Please be clear that, although the upgrade + unlock process is not difficult, but there is certain risk; and I will NOT be responsible for anything or any lost…. so please think carefully before you upgrade / unlock you iPhone!

Well, the 1st thing I do was connect to App Store and look for great iPhone apps. I was looking for Google Earth….

Download QuickPwn 2.2 with Boot loader: QuickPwn 2.2 + Boot loader

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  1. Daniel Says:

    Many thanks for your clear instructions. This works great. Like you say, it takes patience, but works great!

  2. David Duffrin Says:

    Danke Senor, those were nice, step-by-step instructions. Thanks for the download links, too. I think I might write a song about this.

  3. younis Says:

    great work
    and very nice
    thanks a lot

  4. Marcos Says:

    Fantastic post. I got at the first time. Thank you very much indeed

  5. Tjay Says:

    Thanks so much. Your step by step breakdown was flawless!!!

  6. admin Says:

    Thanks very much for your appreciation! I am really happy to know that this post is helpful for you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  7. Hurram Says:

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  8. Aruna Says:

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  9. sunny Says:

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    it worked……….
    but still some features r misssing……….

  10. Aruna Says:

    Thank you very much, merry xmas and Happy New Year!

  11. Mackenzie Says:

    I did everything, it said it was succesful but when it goes to itunes it will restore and update but after the restore it goes right back to the screen with the USB and itunes sign saying slide for emergency. So i still can not get into my phone. Can anyone pleease help i just got it and my parents are going to kill me if they knew i broke it already! =(

  12. admin Says:

    Hi Mackenzie, may I ask you 2 questions?

    1st, which iTunes version are you using?

    2nd, after “unlock”, be4 restore, did you check if your iPhone unlocked successfully? (To make sure that unlock OK or the restore “lock” the iPhone again)

  13. sherul Says:

    Thnx mate the thing jus works fyn….

  14. luis Says:

    yo help when do i put my tmoblesim card in it tell me deffernt sim ans connect 2 i tunes i did qick pwn already

  15. saif Says:

    Hey man, I am stuck on the ipsw step, it won’t browes

  16. jane Says:

    I go through the unlocking process and then I don’t have a bootloader file….help
    Thank you

  17. Dang Says:

    thank you for your instruction.
    After running QuickPwn, the Iphone can detect Tmobile sim card, but it still clock the iphone.
    What should I do next?
    thank you very much

  18. Dang Says:

    I mean how to unclock the menu table. Now, only the number table show up for dial with Tmobile sim card. So, I can not go on internet by home wireless system.

  19. admin Says:

    Hi Jane,

    Sorry that I didn’t mention it the tutorial, the bootloader files are in the Zip file already. You can find them by search for their filename.

  20. admin Says:

    Hi saif,

    The QuickPwn should have the default location of the file. If you are not able to find the file, you can find it by searching for the filename “*.ipsw”, it should be in your “c:\Documents and Settings” directory

  21. Jenny Says:

    Hi there! Can I try this with a 2g iphone that was previously unlocked to 2.0.2? Thanks!

  22. Robby Says:

    Thank you so much for holding my hand lol. I felt very comfident in everything apple till it came to this and the post was VERY helpful and made me feel better about my insecurities……thank you so much, great help I will be telling evreybody i see how easy and helpful you were!

  23. michelle Says:


    my windowns vista doesn’t open the quickpwn, i downloaded from different websites, I cleaned my cache, and I still can’t run the zip file, the windows vista tells me it could not extract all the files, so it can not run the application.

    what do you I do? there’s anything with the antivirus?

  24. admin Says:

    Hi michelle,

    I think you need a software like WinZip or WinRAR, both are free for trail.

  25. admin Says:

    Hi Robby,

    Thanks very much! Happy New Year!

  26. Newbie Says:

    I’m about to buy a iPhone 2G what are my limits when i unlock it? i.e itunes like transferring music over , downloading and installing apps from the itunes Apps store ….ect?


  27. admin Says:

    Hi Newbie,

    Happy New Year! If your iPhone 2G is unlock + jail break correctly, there should not be any limitation; it would work as normal as officially activated iPhones

  28. jane Says:

    Thank you so much. It has been taking a while for the last step of “Waiting for activation” on my phone. Is it because I took the sim card out? Also, I want to clear my phone from contacts, pictures and such, can I still do it and keep the phone unlocked?

  29. tlk1608 Says:

    Used quickpwn 2.2 . Updated throught itunes to 2.2 version, using itunes 8.0.
    Completed just fine. Inserted my t-mobile sim card phone says please connect to itunes. When i do no sim card detected. I’ve have retried all steps several times, have read everthing i can. I can make phone calls but can not get past the emergency phone pad. Please help

  30. zippy Says:

    ummmm when i get to browse for firmware step no file name pops up.
    and when i browse i dont know where to look for it
    where do i look for it???

  31. Iqbal Says:

    Thank you so much. Best tutorial ever…worked flawlessly for me.

  32. zippy Says:

    i solved my previous problem, and i finished the whole unlocking program.
    but now when i put my sim card in it says “different sim card – please connect to itunes”
    wat do i do???

  33. carlos Says:

    My progress stops at the second arrow when it ask what ispw im using i need help please

  34. admin Says:

    Hi Carlos,

    If you cannot find the IPSW / firmware file, I guess the cause is “Hidden Folder”.

    The IPSW / firmware file is located inside “C:\Documents and Settings\administrator\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates\iPhone1,1_2.2_5G77_Restore.ipsw”. However, by default “Application Data” is a hidden folder.

    In order to see hidden folders, you need to set folder option to see hidden folders.
    In My Computer, Tools > Folder Options > View, select “Show hidden files and folders” and un-check “Hide extensions for known file types”.

  35. danny Says:

    Well done. followed you instructions and worked a treat.You are the man.

  36. Kenny Says:

    Your article is exactly what I needed. You have rejuvenated my iPhone. Great work and effort. Thanks a lot.

  37. Goocka Says:

    I have one problem with my iphone everything i did was run smooth and with any errors buth now when i power up my iphone i don’t have network on it…..can someone plzzz help. I did it on my other iphone this and everything was OK. Some sugestions???

  38. JOEY Says:

    AWESOME!!! worked on the 1st try. if you were right next to me i’d give you a fat kiss. I HAVE 2.2 NOWWWW YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. BJ Says:

    ABSOLUTELY fantastic tutorial. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!

  40. ML Says:

    whenever i try updating it it will always have the same error over and over again….my connection should be connected and active etc(which it already is) its so annoying pls help me!

  41. admin Says:

    Hi ML,

    What is the error message? Do you mean your iPhone 2G cannot update firmware?

  42. Ash Says:

    Woooo, it worked!!!! =D At first it was stuck in recovery mode and would’nt let me continue, but I just uninstalled it and redownloaded it, then had absolutely no problems whatsoever!!! My camera app dissapeared afer installing an app from Installer called Kate. NEVER, AND I MEAN NEVER INSTALL AN APP CALLED KATE!!!!! It completely messed up my phone and almost destroyed it!
    Many many thanks thanks thanks again!!!! =DDD

  43. fatih Says:

    thanks a lot for the great instructions.. after suffering among useless applications,luckily enough i met this site before destroying my iphone..absolutely awesome !!!…

  44. Baryalay Says:


    I tried every other way but didn’t get any luck…. Thanks a lot for this post…

  45. suresh Says:


    anyone, please let me know, should i do the aove process with SIM card in place? or without SIM card?. Thanks much.

  46. Rick Says:

    Many thanks to you and iPhone Dev team – worked great!

    For those who may have been a little hasty to upgrade (after waiting so long initially to take the jump to 2.2), and upgraded to 2.2.1 follow the instructions on http://www.quickpwn.com/ on how to downgrade to 2.2, and then just follow the above instructions. Very simple.

    Thanks again – cheers, Rick

  47. Will Says:

    Cheers dude, ur very useful

  48. Rogue Says:

    Great tutorial. I do have a question or two… Some sounds dont work on certain applicagtions now and also In staller crashes. Any tips?

  49. Rogue Says:

    Help I restored to orginal setting by accident. What do I do now?

  50. Echkay Says:


    Thank you so much for a great help. The description is so effective that I did not need face even a single obstacle and now am a proud owner of 2.2.1 Iphone 2G :) . Thanks

  51. Ricardo Says:

    hey, great instructions. i had done the same procedure to upgrade to 2.1
    so when i found this blog i thought it was going to be very easy, and YES it was.

    But something weird happened, i when ahead with the first step, which is upgrade to 2.2, so the process was going great, and it finish excellent, so good that it was not even blocked. When the upgrade process finished it was unlocked already, BUT the main concern is that installer and cydia is not there anymore.

    So i was wondering if you know any blog to install the installer and cydia, i guess what i need to do is jailbroken, or im not really sure, so any help you can give me, i will really apreciate.

    Thanks a lot

  52. Rick Says:

    I tried opening QuickPwn exe file and it says “The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application.” Can anyone help? Does someone has the exe file? tahan92 at hotmail dot com

  53. Faheem Says:

    will this work with 2.2.1 firmware plz let me know :S

  54. shariq Says:

    hey man!
    i recently update my iphone from 1.1.4 to 2.2….. and i already restore and update my iphone on itunes.
    when i used the done using the software it says success, jaillbreak is working fine with installer and cydia install….. only problem i have no signal on my iphone… so what should i do??? i watch videso’s on youtube the guy is adding the source on 3g iphone using cydia yellowsn0w for 3g but can u do it 2nd generation iphone…
    plz help me
    thx alot

  55. khaled Says:

    hi thank you for that program but i have a problem with firmware error sting what i can do thank you

  56. makis margelis Says:

    thanks very much……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. mohamed Says:

    may i know how things can get messed up to lead to the destruction of my iphone…because im too scared to screw things up and i dont want to lose my iphone…please help

  58. neil Says:

    thanks a million great instructions

  59. admin Says:

    Don’t be scared, screw things up is part of learning process… I burn my computers be4, that is how I learn how to build my own PC with computer parts. If you are really really scared, you should not try to upgrade the firmware.

  60. Eduardo Says:

    Hi, thanks for this simple and clear tutorial. I will surely give it a try. My only concern is that my iPhone was unlocked to work with Telcel carrier (Mexico). Now Telcel IS the official carrier here. Could it be possible to update the firmware and forget about unlocking because now the carrier has Apple’s permission to use iPhones?

    Thanks again! Greetings from Mexico,

  61. admin Says:

    Thanks for you reply!

    Well, it depends on if your carrier requires new iPhones be activated or not… if YES, then may be you can activate the iPhone with the official carrier’s server… but there is chance that their server filter out the old iPhone model…
    You can try to update and activate 1st, if unable to activate officially, then you can still unlock it anyway.

  62. Carlos Says:

    My freind just got a iphone and unlock it. but the t-mobile sim card is asking for a pin code. Do you know the step from there.


  63. admin Says:

    Hi Carlos,
    Do you or your friends have other sim card for testing? It could be t-mobile’s sim card problem…. because I seldom hear that people need to enter any pin code for iPhone

  64. tarru Says:

    Thanks dude!!! upgrade n unlock succesful altough i upgraded to 2.2.1 instead of 2.2 and the pwnage wasn’t supportin d nu software but i downloded d latest version of pwnage and follwed d same steps n it worked thanks a tonn!!!

  65. admin Says:

    Thanks for your comment! Good to hear that!

    In fact, the procedure of upgrading and unlocking the iPhone OS would always be very similar…

  66. suresh Says:

    I have a problem – i exactly followed all the steps – it finally said the iphone is unlocked and started re-booting.. But it is still trying to reboot (since last 4 hours) with new settings and also vibrating some times.. What all i can see on the screen is just apple symbol…

    Can any one help what is happened to this??

  67. Kim Says:


    looks like a really good guide, just two questions:

    Does it matter which iTunes version I have?
    Will I lose the contacts in my phonebook?

    Thank you!

  68. Carribean Apple Says:

    I wished I found this page before, I read and followed the steps on iclarified after I mistakenly restored my already jailbroken iPhone to factory settings …:-( and got all these error messages and finally at 9 am after getting through almost all the steps I got the message .Net Framework missing I was exhausted after trying since 9pm that I just brought my iPhone to a store that unlocks phones and paid 100 bucks to get it done!

  69. Winnie Says:

    When i upload the firmware, the message show ‘Firmware error string’. How can i fix it? Thanks

  70. Katie Says:

    Hey I have the same Problem Winnie has When i come to upload the Firmware I have this message “‘Firmware error string” How can i fix it please help??

  71. sanjeev Says:

    hi I done exactly as you mantioned but i can’t find bootloader my iphone 2 g stuck now pls somwone help me

  72. i phone Newbie Says:

    I have the same problem with Winnie.

    When i upload the firmware, the message show ‘Firmware error string’.

    What’s next? What should i do?

    Pls help.

  73. Shekhar Says:

    Just awesome. Love you…upgraded and unlocked my iPhone in a breeze..never forget to backup…and be very very patient during the entire process and follow instructions precisely

  74. Bhusha Says:

    Thx u r dam good just keep it up

  75. Amos Says:

    I have the same problem of firmware error string please help

  76. Andrew Says:

    i too need the bootloader files
    i looked in the zip folder and all thats there is a readme and the quickpwn file
    i also searched my computer and couldn’t find it

  77. Andrew Says:

    i got everything fine but when i get to the step where you have to press the home, then the home and power, then the home, i hear the beeps my computer makes when i plug stuff in from a usb, but the screen just stays black on the iphone and the quickpwn screen says preparing your device
    its stayed like this for quite a while
    any suggestions?

  78. serdar Says:

    hey i tryed it but i can not put 2.2 on my iphone it is gaveing my errors

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