Cooliris was a FireFox plug-in at the 1st moment, it offer a new way to browse through thousands of pictures and YouTubes as a 3D wall. You can scroll as fast as you want to look for any picture / video that catches you attention.

iPhone Cooliris - Browse pictures and YouTubes in 3D

iPhone Cooliris - Browse pictures and YouTubes in 3D

Cooliris has released a free iPhone version [App Store] of their browser plug-in that allows users to browse and search through images and video on the web.

Cooliris makes finding news and search results a breeze by displaying them as an endlessly streaming 3D Wall, complementing the touch screen perfectly.

Search across Google, Flickr, Yahoo and much more. Discover News, Sports, Technology and Business – faster than ever before with the flick of a finger. These channels take advantage of location-based services to deliver regional news just for you.

The 3D wall view allows you to take advantage of the iPhone’s multi-touch to scroll and zoom your way around the images.

The iPhone version of Cooliris work really well, the 3D wall scroll very smoothly.

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Nov 09
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