iPhone PC Suite 1.0.7 let you access everything

iPhone PC Suite is the best iPhone software, it let you access everything on your iPhone. Version 1.0.7 is even better, very comprehensive features and beautiful user interface.


If you ask me which feature is most important for iPhone PC Suite, I would say he “direct file transfer” feature. You can directly control every file on your iPhone. And most importantly, you can upload iPhone ringtones directly! No more iTunes ringtone problem.

The latest version of iPhone PC Suite added “online update” feature.

iPhone PC Suite update

Download link:
iPhone PC Suite latest version

Update: The publisher of the iPhone PC Suite updated their software package to “Mobile Assistant”. In fact, the new Mobile Assistant is just a re-packaging, after installation, you can find iPhone PC Suite under “C:\Program Files\NetDragon\91ÊÖ»úÖúÊÖ\iPhone” …. where the “ÊÖ»úÖúÊÖ” are some Chinese characters, since we are using English Windows….

P.S. iPhone PC Suite dose NOT support 64 bit Windows.

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Oct 02

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  1. haider ali Says:

    i want to knw tht this software is work 2 install apps & games without jailbreak my i phone

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